Tournament History

The Sheldon-Franklin Summer Jam was founded by Ken Manfredi and Scott Gradin in 2008. The inaugural summer tournament featured 40 teams from Northern California and Nevada.

Today, the event is organized and directed by Ken Manfredi (Franklin High School) and Joey Rollings (Sheldon High School) and is recognized as the largest and most competitive Varsity summer boys’ basketball tournament in Northern California. The event includes 60 teams from Northern California, Fresno, and Nevada.


Tournament Format

Teams are organized into pools of 5 and play 4 games on Friday and Saturday. Following pool play competition, teams are placed and seeded into one of five single-elimination tournaments on Sunday. First-place teams advance to the Platinum division, second-place teams advance to the Gold division, third-place teams advance to the Silver division, fourth-place teams advance to the Bronze division, and fifth-place teams advance to the Cooper division. At the conclusion of Sunday’s games, a champion is crowned in the Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper divisions.


Tournament Date

June 24-26, 2022

Tournament Location

The tournament is located in Elk Grove, California at Sheldon High School, Franklin High School, and Elk Grove High School, Smedberg Middle School, and.  All gyms feature air-conditioning and a snack-bar.


Tournament Flyer

Download the Sheldon Franklin Summer Jam 2022 flyer


Tournament Entry Fee

$425 per team – payment is due June 1, 2022
Late Registration is $450 after June 1, 2022


Tournament Rules –   Download the 2022 Tournament Rules 


  1. Teams are required to bring their own basketballs for warm-ups. Game balls are provided.
  2. There will be a minimum of 5 minutes between games for warm-ups.
  3. All games will begin at the scheduled Teams will be subject to forfeit 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.
  4. Teams must start with 5 players. If a team cannot start 5 players within 10 minutes after scheduled start time, they will forfeit game.
  5. The team listed first on the schedule will be the HOME team on scoreboard.
  6. A coach from your staff must be with the team during all games.


  1. Games will consist of two 20-minute halves with a running clock. Halftime will be 3 minutes.
  2. The game clock will stop during the last 30 seconds of the 1st half, regardless of the score.
  3. During the final 2 minutes of the 2nd half, the clock will stop on all dead-balls if the score is within 10 points or less.
  4. The final 2:00 of the 2nd half and all overtime periods will be officiated with standard NFHS rules, except no shot clock. If the score differential is greater than 10 points during the final 2 minutes of the 2nd half, the clock will continue to run.
    • All free-throws during this time will be shot during bonus, double bonus, shooting fouls, and technical
  5. There will be no shot clock throughout the entire game and tournament.


  1. All overtime periods are stop-time and standard NFHS rules, except no shot

Example – all FT’s will be shot during bonus, double bonus, shooting fouls, and technical fouls.

  • 1st overtime = 2:00 period
  • 2nd overtime = sudden death – winner is the first team to score any combination of 2 or more points.
  1. Overtime and Sudden Death will begin with a jump ball.
  2. Team fouls will carry over from the 2nd half to determine bonus, double bonus in the overtime / sudden death period.


  1. With the exception of the last two minutes of the 2nd half, on all shooting fouls, the player fouled will receive 1 point and shoot 1 free-throw worth 1 additional point (2 points and shoot 1 free-throw on 3-point shooting fouls). If the player is fouled in the act of shooting and the basket goes in, the team will receive 3 points (4 points on a 3-point attempt) and no free throws will be taken.
  2. On all common (non-shooting) fouls, the ball will be taken out of bounds until the 7th team foul.
  3. Teams enter BONUS on opponent’s 7th team foul of each half, & on all common fouls, player fouled will shoot 1FT for 2 pts.

NOTEShooting fouls in bonus will result in 1 point for the player fouled and 1 free-throw worth 1 additional point.

The clock WILL NOT STOP during FT’s, unless the foul occurs during final 2:00 of game and the score is within 10 points.

  1. Players will foul out of the game at their 6th personal foul. All fouls (personal, intentional, & technical) will count toward a player’s foul total.
  2. If a player commits an intentional foul, the the player fouled will receive 1 point and shoot 1 free-throw worth 1 additional point AND the team will receive the ball out-of-bounds.
  3. In the event of a technical foul for “Unsportsmanlike Behavior”, the team will be awarded two points and will then get the ball out of bounds. The player that receives the technical foul must sit out the remainder of the current half.

Exception – a player technical foul that is not due to poor sportsmanship or behavior will not have to sit out.

  1. Any player receiving a second technical foul due to poor sportsmanship or behavior (non-fighting) will be disqualified from the game and the remainder of the day (if there are others games scheduled that day). Any ejection for fighting or assault will eliminate the player for the remainder of the tournament.
  2. Any coach or fan ejected by an official or tournament director must completely leave the gymnasium facility until the completion of the game.


  1. Timeouts for regulation play: 3 timeouts
    • All timeouts will be 45-seconds.
    • The clock WILL STOP during timeouts.

Timeouts for overtime periods: 1 timeout

– In overtime, no timeouts will carry over from regulation.


  1. Each team is responsible for quickly cleaning up their bench area after each game as a courtesy to the next scheduled


  1. Daily admission will be charged to all guests, except for players & coaches seated on their bench throughout the game(s) – no exceptions.


  1. No teams may include players who have graduated, played a season as a senior, or attends/plays for another school. All participants must be incoming 9th-12th graders.

    Any team who violates this rule will forfeit their current game and any previous games.